There are a few elements in a guest room that make the occupants feel welcome. A comfy bed, a place to perch, clutter free surfaces, and a place to unpack for a lengthier stay. You could say your own entertainment system is a bonus!

This guest room accumulated many “extras” over time. So it was time to help my client streamline, update the style and make it a home away from home for her guests….on a budget! Thanks to Homesense, breathing new life into already owned objects and repurposing good quality furniture, this guest room welcomes many a weary travellers.

A fun and economical way to change the look of your room is to purchase different toss cushions, blankets or lamp shades to change with the seasons. In this case, I purchased toss cushions that can come out for Spring/Summer and others that would be used during Fall/Winter. If you have framed prints or photographs on the walls, these can be easily changed as well to change the look and feel of your room over the year.

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