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I was struggling with a name for my business. Nothing sounded right with my name and I know the longer I sit with something the more I question it and revisit it, and second guess myself.

I recently read about the 5 second rule. Not the one where you pick up food from the floor, but the one where you count down from 5 and launch yourself into whatever situation or decision you are facing. Doing this stops your brain from registering doubt and fear that prevents you from doing what you felt was right in the first place.

So here I was using my husband’s pen that lies around with no lid on it doodling and writing down every variation of my company name I could think of. Frustrated, I put the pen down to get ready to meet my friend for lunch. As I was washing my hands, trying to get the ink off of my fingers, I realized the longevity of ink. Not just on my hands, but on paper, in print, on your body.

Ever since being a little girl I have loved putting pen to paper. Still in 2018 I have a paper agenda where I write everything that is happening in my life, from appointments to goals to birthdays. I realized that what I am doing for my clients is taking a blank slate, their space, and designing for their life, inking in the tools and objects they need around them to reach their full potential.   

5 seconds later, I had my company name – Ink Interiors. 

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  • Marilyn

    I love the way you give a room life with colour and objects that are reasonably priced as well as current in design while considering your clients needs and ideas.

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